About me

I’m a predoctoral researcher in economics and machine learning at the Barcelona School of Economics where I work with professor Stephen Hansen to build models and tools for the use of unstructured data in economic analysis.

I’m mainly interested in studying how algorithmic decision-making systems affect existing inequalities and exploring how this can be prevented through the enforcement of notions of fairness that account for historical inequalities, foster diversity, and are compatible with social change.

I hold an Msc in Data Science from the Barcelona School of Economics, and a BA in Economics from Universidad de los Andes. Before moving to Barcelona, I worked for two years at Instiglio - a social enterprise focused on the design of innovative financial mechanisms to improve the impact of social programs - where I analyzed data to inform these designs. I also enjoy teaching and have done it at different levels and in multiple areas.

If you happen to have any overlapping interestes or just want to reach out you can contact me at: yabran [dot] muvdi [at] gmail [dot] com .